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CBAA provides guidance and consultation in all areas of the development preparation within bushfire prone areas.

Government Accredited, 25 Years Experience

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  • BAL Certificate for Complying Development
  • Bushfire Risk Assessments for New or Existing Dwellings
  • Bushfire Risk Assessments for Subdivisions
  • Bushfire Assessment Reports for Development Applications
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment Plans
  • Bushfire Evacuation Plans
  • Pre Purchase Consultation
  • Asset Protection Zone Planning and Consultation


Building developments within NSW bushfire prone areas are controlled by legislative requirements, such as;

  • Rural Fires Act and Regulations 
  • Planning For Bush Fire Protection
  • Australian Standard 3959: Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas


These are utilised to minimise the impact of bushfire on building assets and their occupants. CBAA will alleviate the worry of bushfire assessments and bushfire consultation. 

CBAA can assist in the preparation of development applications for new buildings and alterations to existing buildings to ensure these requirements are satisfied.

Who I Am

CBAA will provide guidance and consultation in all areas of the development preparation within bushfire prone areas.

Damien Cartwright is a professional fire fighter with 22 years’ experience. 


He is currently studying Graduate Diploma of Bushfire Prevention (2019 completion).  

BCAA will, in the near future, be a corporate member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) and will be bound by its Code of Practice.

Expert Team

CBAA operates under the core values of;

CBAA can assist you with a variety of services relating to bushfire assessments and bushfire consultation. Close consultation with the client allows CBAA to find the best possible solution for your needs. 


CBAA’s Sydney office is the centre for bushfire consulting and assessments for NSW.

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